Our Service Offerings

  1. Business Mentorship
    We use our field expertise to help uncompromising entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders succeed in competitive business enviroments. Great for personal and business growth.
  2. Business Coaching
    Achieve business success by getting an independent review of your business to identify your goals and the necessary action plans needed to achieve them.
  3. Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) capacity building to attract partners within the East Africa region.
    Our experts have tested experience acquired from more than twenty years trading across EAC region to deliver practical and much desired training for all categories of SMEs to understand and comply with prevailing EAC legal and regulatory framework. This particularly simplifies and increases SME understanding of the customs procedures, Common External Tarrif and rules of origin and the opportunities and/or threats this exposes to their businesses.
  4. Promotion of Public Private Partnership (PPP) and highlighting the benefits of building trusted partnership with governments and regulators.especially in customs administration through being tax compliant. Our experienced experts provide support and capacity building to SMEs to harness Public Private Partnership opportunities as foundation for growth and ultimate achievement of conducive business environment in EAC region.
    • Besides creating linkages, we engage and facilitate PPPs to promote investments in key sectors such as logistics, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, education, social investments, climate change adaptation and mitigation among others.
    • Promoting PPPs and sharing experience through trusted partnership with government especially in customs administration by being tax compliant. This drives SSP to promote Public Private Partnership as foundation for growth and ultimate achievement of conducive business enviroment in EAC region.
  5. Facilitate business to business partnerships within EAC region and beyond by identifying and attracting international strategic partners.
  6. Conducting consultancy engagements in the areas of market surveys, definition and analysis, business development, human resource management, gender mainstreaming, women and youth empowerment.
  7. Development and maximization of business linkages and related opportunities.
  8. Business feasibility studies and planning
    • Our consultants have supported many companies and organizations to write bankable feasibility studies. A feasibility study is critical prior to project implementation. the team has also provided investment advice to client companies at all stages to ensure a sustainable growth trajectory because their success is our pride.
  9. Organizational development and strengthening.
  10. Human resource management, planning, recruitment and team building.
  11. Brand development, media consultancy and promotion.

About SSP

Strategic Smart Partnerships (SSP) is a Ugandan registered consultancy services company providing coaching and mentorship and strategic business development.

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Block 881 , Kireka-Banda
P.O.Box 12160, Kampala, Uganda
Phone: (+256) 394 813 638

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